Phnom Penh Heritage
City tours

The concept

Imagine that you have just arrived in the capital of Cambodia and you don't know what to visit...

To satisfy your curiosity, we have a catalog of day and night tours that you will find below!

In a desire to show you the most beautiful places in Phnom Penh and to share their stories, the 'Heritage tour' will allow you to have an overview of the city and we advise you to do so as soon as you arrive!

And for more sensations, we also offer packages in partnership with the Kanika boat!

Phnom Penh Heritage Tour

invites you to discover part of the rich heritage of this metropolis, inherited from the history and the time when Cambodia was placed under French Protectorate.

In electric vehicle or tuk tuk, equipped with a digital tablet, discover the most beautiful architectural heritage of the city.


1. Heritage Tour 22$

2H30 - kid 19$

  • Discover 22 majors sites
  • 24 videos to step back in time


  • Audio & video guide
  • Pickup available
  • Electric bus tour

Languages available :

Chinese  - English - French - German - Japanese  - Italian  - Khmer - Korean - Russian - Spanish.

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2. Silk Tour 25$ / p

3h - kid 22$

Commented visit :

  • Bouddhist pagoda
  • Silk workshop
  • 1 water & fruits


Silk island Tour 40$

Tuktuk of 1 to 4 persons ​ 

  • Silk workshop

" Discover the secrets of the Khmer silk handicrafts and much more..." 

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3. Shopping Tour 25$

Tuktuk of 1 to 4 persons  

Included :

  • City tour
  • Visit 5 shops and central market

" The perfect opportunity to stock up on souvenirs and gifts ! " 

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Photo tour 20$

Tuktuk of 1 to 4 persons  

Included :

  • Tour of the city's major sites for your most beautiful souvenir photos

Options :

  • Photographer 30$/P (unlimited printing)
  • Costumes 30$/P

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4. Night tour 23$

1H30 - Kid 20$

Included :

  • Commented city tour (French or English)
  • One glass of wine

Option :

Dinner of your choice from our selection of restaurants ($22/person)

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7. Amazing Afternoon 35$ /p

Start with the tour :

  • Heritage tour

End the tour of your choice with a sunset cruise on the Kanika boat until 6:20 p.m. with a welcome drink on board !

"What's better than ending up on a cruise?"

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8.  Night vibes 58$ / p

Start the evening with a sunset cruise on the Kanika boat until 6:20 p.m. with a welcome drink on board

And after do the visit :

  • Night tour 

Optionnal dinner : restaurant selection $22/person

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Meeting point

1.  Palais de la poste (corner street 13 and 102)

  • Heritage tour
  • Amazing Afternoon

3.  Himawari Hotel

  • Silk tour
  • Night tour 
  • Night Vibes (Kanika boat)